Luxe Lashlift Tutorial

Luxe Lashlift Tutorial

Step By Step Guide: Luxe Lashlift

STEP 1: Cleanse your lashes with a cleanser

Here you can optionally use our Luxe Cleanser/Luxe Lash Shampoo or your daily wash gel. 

Note: Don't forget to wipe the eyelids as well to make sure your entire eye is completely clean and dry.

STEP 2: Apply the eyelash pads

Choose your desired lash pad (6) and apply the lash glue (5) on the backside. Let the glue dry for 60 sec., then stick the pad on your upper eyelid and press this down for 60 sec.

S= strong lifting: perfect for short lashes

M= medium lifting: perfect for normal lashes

L= light lifting: perfect for long eyelashes

Note: By pulling the eyelid back up a little so that you can see the upper lash line, place the lash pad (silicone pad) on the eyelid as close to the lash line as possible. Check that there are no small lashes hidden under the lash pad. If there are lashes, pull them out carefully with a microbrush or lash tool.

STEP 3: Apply the eyelash glue

Now apply the eyelash glue (5) to the top of the lash pads and let it dry again for a few seconds.

Note: Be careful not to apply too much glue, as this would "seal" the lashes. Subsequent lotions will then not be able to sufficiently penetrate and be absorbed into the hair structure of the lashes for an optimal lash lift. Let the eyelash glue dry first and only then press the eyelashes onto the eyelash pad

STEP 4: Fix your eyelashes upwards

Put some of the glue on the silicone pad (eyelash pad) and wait a few seconds to let it dry slightly. Now set the lashes upwards until they stick. Be patient here, because the eyelashes will not stick right at the beginning.

Note: Check the lashes again to make sure everything is in order, especially that no lashes are bent and that the symmetry is correct. If you want to glue the lashes nicely separated, you can easily use tweezers. Please always make sure that there is good tension in the lashes. The lashes must lie really tight on the silicone pad. There must be no air between the lashes and the silicone pad.

STEP 5: Applying the Eyelash Lifting Lotion 1 - Perm Lotion

Apply the perm lotion (1) to your lashes and cover them with a narrow strip of cling film for 12-15 minutes (depending on lash texture/thickness) (the cling film also fixes the lashes and improves the effect). Stay at least 1mm away from the root.

Note: Make sure to leave out the tip of the lashes. After the application time, the lotion should be carefully removed so that it does not affect the effect of the second lotion. Only in this way can you achieve an optimal result (with a dry cotton swab).

STEP 6: Applying the Eyelash Lifting Lotion 2 - Fixation

Apply the fixation (2) to your lashes and cover them with cling film for another 12 minutes.

Note: Make sure that the tip of the lashes is left out again. Stir the lotion before doing so. Extend for 2-5 minutes for thin and light lashes. After the exposure time, thoroughly remove the lotion again. Use cotton swabs to do this. Here, too, make sure that no residue of the lotion remains.

STEP 7: Tinting the eyelashes (optional and not included)

The eyelashes are now lifted and fixed in their shape. To enhance the wow effect, only color is missing now. Therefore, the eyelashes are now being colored. Mix the color and apply it to the lashes from the base to the tips. The application time is only 3 minutes.

After the reaction time is over, remove the color thoroughly with a dry cotton swab. This works best if you tighten the eyelid.

STEP 8: Remove silicone pad

Remove the cling film. Using a dampened cotton pad (and a little water), sweep over the lashes until they detach from the lash pad. Clean the eyelid with a moistened cotton pad and remove the adhesive residue.
Carefully remove the lash pad from the eyelid. Comb the eyelashes with the eyelash brush. Done!

Note: They must be completely cleaned, otherwise they will curl after 2 days. There should be no color residue or glue in the lashes. For this you can also use our cleaner.

STEP 9: Applying the care lotion

Finally, apply the conditioner (3) with a cotton pad to revitalize your lashes. Then comb your lashes from the base to the tips.

What should I pay attention to after Luxe Eyelash Lift?

  1. 24 hours after the application, avoid contact of your eyelashes with water/steam.
  2. For 2 days after the lift, do not take a facial steam bath or complete steam bath, do not go swimming and do not wash your face with hot water.
  3. Avoid oils, shampoo and lotions for 24-48 hours.
  4. It must be cleaned carefully so that no residue of glue and paint is left behind.
  5. Please always pay attention to the exposure times!
  6. You can use normal mascara afterwards, but please avoid waterproof and other aggressive products.
  7. Do not sleep on the face in the first 24 hours.

Having trouble with the glue?

  1. Poor pre-cleaning: If eyelashes are not adequately cleaned before the eyelash lift or if oily products are used in the process, the gluing performance of the eyelash glue will be affected. We recommend using a baby shampoo as this has a PH of 5.5 or more and it can open up hair flakes, making gluing much easier.
  2. Primer (optimal): After pre-cleaning, the lashes should be primed again with a primer or cleanser to prevent possibly leaving an oil film. This affects the fixation of the lashes on the silicone pad. Often, too much eyelash glue is then applied, so that the subsequent lotions cannot work properly.
  3. Clean silicone pads: Well-cleaned silicone pads are a basic requirement for good adhesion. Always clean them with hot water before use.
  4. Heat and warmth: In rooms that are too warm, the consistency of the eyelash glue changes. It becomes thinner. Therefore, make sure that it is stored in a cool place.
  5. The eyelashes are not completely dry: Wet eyelashes require too much eyelash glue to achieve optimal adhesion. Therefore, make sure that the lashes are completely dry before you start the treatment. A hair dryer can be helpful here.

Users Notice:

Please note before use: Despite multiple tested ingredients and no intolerance confirmed so far by our customers, please test the product for skin compatibility before use (test small amount on the back of the hand). Keep the eye closed during application and remove contact lenses.

Wait at least 3 weeks between lifts to avoid overworking. Incorrect application may cause irritation to the eye (avoid eye contact). If eye contact occurs, please rinse with water for 3-5 minutes and seek medical attention if necessary. Luxe Cosmetics is not responsible for abuse or damage caused by this product or improper use. Keep away from children.