Luxe Shampoo, Luxe Wimpernshampoo, Luxe Wimpernshampoo
Luxe Shampoo, Luxe Wimpernshampoo, Luxe Wimpernshampoo
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Luxe Shampoo, Luxe Wimpernshampoo, Luxe Wimpernshampoo
Luxe Shampoo, Luxe Wimpernshampoo, Luxe Wimpernshampoo

Luxe Eyelash Shampoo

  • Care for luxe lashlift or eyelash extensions
  • Without hormones & parabens
  • Mild foaming shampoo
  • 100% vegan & cruelty-free
  • Guarantee: 30 days FREE trial

Clean Eyelashes With The Gentle Shampoo

If you're looking for the best way to cleanse eyelash extensions, eye make-up or your lashes before an eyelash lift, then read on now.

The shampoo effectively removes make-up from the eye area and is safe for extensions. Mild formula:

  • Oil-free
  • Colour-free
  • Ethylene oxide-free
  • Betaine-free
  • Without parabens
  • Alkyl sulphate-free
  • Polyquaternium-free
  • Fragrance-free

Luxe Eyelash Shampoo is 100% vegan and made without animal testing.

Why Should I Invest In A Luxe Eyelash Shampoo?

Clean Eyelashes Reduce The Risk Of Infections

You should clean your lash extensions at least every other day, but better still every day. Dirt, oil, debris, dead cells and other debris can build up on your lash line that is not visible to the naked eye without the aid of a magnifying glass.

  • Lasts up to 12 months with regular use
  • Cleanses natural lashes, lash curls and lash extensions
  • Gentle shampoo

Clean, natural lashes are crucial for adhesion and retention, while applied extensions need to be washed regularly for a beautiful fresh and long-lasting mascara look.

Instructions For Home Use:

Step 1: Apply a small amount of shampoo to a brush or finger by pressing the foaming pump head.

Step 2: Dab the foam onto the lashes along the lash line.

Step 3: Work the brush up and down along the lashes in gentle movements.

Step 4: Rinse with water.

Step 5: Gently brush your lashes with a clean lash wand/brush.

Step 6: Use 2-3 times a week. It can be used daily.

Instructions For Salon Use:

Step 1: Apply shampoo using your favourite tools and methods.

Step 2: Cleanse the lashes, rinse with water, let dry and brush gently.

Step 3: For final degreasing and best adhesion, we recommend priming before applying the extensions - primers are for use by lash professionals only.





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