Transform Your Look with a Cat Eye Lash Lift

By Josef Mohamed
Jan 30, 2024
cat eye lash lift

Discover the cat eye lash lift technique a refreshing alternative to heavy lash extensions which offers a natural yet elevated look.

This guide covers everything from achieving this look at salons and homes to essential aftercare tips, discuss costs, and reveal stunning before-and-after results.

What is a Cat Eye Lash Lift

A cat eye lash lift shapes eyelashes into a winged style, mimicking winged eyeliner. It starts with shorter lashes near the inner eye, gradually lengthening towards the outer corner, creating an elegant, lifted look. 

a young woman getting a cat eye lash lift

Benefits of a Cat Eye Lash Lift

  • Adds Elegance: Creates a graceful, winged effect.
  • Suitable for Various Eye Shapes: Enhances and balances different eye shapes. Particularly effective for wide or deep-set eyes.
  • Customizable to Lash Length: Adaptable for both short and long lashes.
  • Facial Feature Enhancement: Visually corrects and harmonizes facial features, offering a youthful appearance.
  • Flexible with Makeup: Complements all makeup styles and looks neat even without makeup.
  • Natural and Stylish: Provides a natural yet stylish enhancement to any face.
  • Rejuvenating Effect: The technique's aesthetic effect opens the eyes, contributing to a rejuvenated look.

Cat Eye Lash Lifting Ideal Candidates

  • Young Adults (20s and 30s): Those looking to add a trendy cat eye effect.
  • Mature Individuals (40s and Above): Ideal for softening the appearance of wrinkles and sagging eyelids, offering a youthful look.
  • Anyone with Lashes Over 4 mm Long: Suitable for those with natural lashes not damaged by mechanical curlers.

Key Considerations for Candidates:

  • Health and Skin Condition: Similar to PDO thread lift procedures, good general health and healthy skin around the eyes are essential.
  • Low-Maintenance Beauty Preference: Perfect for those who want to skip daily curling and mascara application.
  • Adaptability for Various Lash Types: Works well with long, downturned lashes and can be personalized for straight or hooded lashes.

Experience and Aftercare:

  • Expect the lift to last 4-6 weeks, with initial care to avoid water and heavy eye products.
a young woman brushing her cay eye lash lifts with mascara wand

How to Get a Cat Eye Lash Lift

Achieving a cat eye lash lift involves a specific and detailed procedure, distinct from a standard lash lift:

  • Lash Cleaning: Begin with deep cleaning using a protein solution to remove dirt or previous perms.
  • Adhesive Pad Placement: Use specially shaped silicone pads under and over the eyes. These pads are crucial for achieving the cat eye shape, guiding the lashes to sweep outward and upward at the corners
  • Bonding Adhesive Application: Apply a bonding gel to align lashes against the silicone form, ensuring they take on the desired shape.
  • Chemical Solution or Lifting Balm: This solution, left for up to 12 minutes, alters the lash structure to match the mold, particularly emphasizing the outward tilt at the ends for the cat eye look.
  • Setting Lotion: Applied next, it secures the lashes in their new shape for around 10 minutes.
  • Nourishing Lotion: The final step strengthens the lashes after the perm.

Procedure Duration:

The process takes about 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on lash type and desired effect intensity.

Key Difference from Standard Lash Lift:

The cat eye lash lift specifically angles lashes at the outer corners, unlike the uniform curl of a standard lift, creating a winged, elegant appearance.

Aftercare and Maintenance

  • Avoid water contact with lashes for 24 hours.
  • Refrain from oil-based makeup and mascara for the first day.
  • Regular touch-ups every 4-6 weeks are recommended for maintenance.

Costs and Availability

The price can range from $75 to $250, depending on the salon's location and the esthetician's expertise.

Thorough research is essential to find a reputable salon or esthetician offering cat eye lash lifts. Look for online reviews and ratings to evaluate service quality.

At home lash lift kits like Luxe are available for those preferring a home solution. These kits aim to mimic professional results, but their effectiveness can vary based on the user's application skill.

Results: Before and After


Typically not one to write reviews, Kelly felt compelled to praise the Luxe Lashlift Kit. She adapted to the application process, especially with her slightly hooded eyes, and achieved great cat eye lash lift effect. Her successful experience has made her a devoted fan of the product.

cat eye lash lift results 1

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She found the lash lift and tint exceptionally effective, especially as her natural lashes are straight and sparse. The treatment made her lashes appear fuller, and helped her to achieve the desired cat eye effect.

cat eye lash lift results 2

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Delighted with her before and after results, Madelyn praises the ease and simplicity of the lash lift process. The added value of a free tint with her lash lift kit enhanced her satisfaction, making her keen to continue using the kit for its beautiful, lasting results, allowing to customize the styles and get the desired cat eye lash lift effect.

cat eye lash lift results 3

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Initially doubtful about the application process, Olivia was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use the Luxe Lashlift kit despite considering herself unskilled. She's thrilled with her cat eye lash lift results and strongly recommends the product.

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Final Thoughts

The Cat eye lash lift is a game-changing beauty trend offering an elegant and straightforward way to enhance natural eyelashes.

Luxe-Cosmetics stands out in this space with its Lashlift Kit ideal for both beginners and experts to achieve professional-level cat eye lash lifts at home.

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