How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

By Josef Mohamed
Apr 03, 2024
How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

How often should I wash my hair?  We'll help you determine the perfect washing routine tailored to your hair's needs and share expert tips on the best practices for washing your hair to promote strength, growth, and vitality.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

The frequency of washing your hair varies depending on your scalp's oil production and your hair's characteristics like length, type, and other factors such as age, ethnic background, level of physical activity etc.

Generally, if your hair is oily, daily washing may be necessary to keep it fresh and clean.

However, less frequent washing is advisable for those with dry or chemically treated hair to prevent drying out and damaging the strands.

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Factors That Affect How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

Several factors influence how often you should cleanse your scalp and strands.


  • Adults: The need to wash decreases with age due to reduced oil production. Adjust based on personal oiliness and scalp condition.
  • Children (8-11 years old): 1-2 times per week, adjusting based on activity and hair type.
  • Children with Dry, Curly, Braided Hair, or Weaves (8-12 years old): Every 7-10 days, with rinsing between washes as needed after activities.
  • Teenagers (12+ or Puberty Onset): Daily or every other day, especially if oily, straight, or physically active.

Hair Length

  • Long Hair: Every 3-5 days to maintain moisture and prevent dryness.
  • Short Hair: May vary; adjust based on oil production, typically every 2-3 days.

Hair Type

  • Oily Hair: Daily washing is beneficial for managing oiliness effectively.
  • Dry or Chemically Treated Hair: Extend washes every 5-7 days to prevent further dryness.
  • Thick or Curly Hair: As recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology, once a week or every other week, especially for black hair.
  • Fine or Thin Oily Hair: Every 1-2 days to prevent oil buildup and maintain volume.

Activity Level

Washing more frequently, such as every 1-2 days, can help manage sweat and odor. Rinsing with water between washes is also beneficial.

Ethnic Background

Ethnicity plays a significant role in determining wash frequency. For example, African Americans might experience dryness and breakage from too frequent washing. Optimal frequency is a week or every other week.

Additional Factors

  • Damaged or Dry Hair: Every 5-7 days to avoid further stress and damage.
  • Dyed, Bleached, or Frequently Heat-Styled Hair: Every 4-6 days, using products that protect and repair.
  • Scalp Conditions or Physical Health Issues: Consult with a dermatologist for a personalized recommendation.
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Signs of Overwashing/Underwashing

Recognizing the balance between overwashing and underwashing your hair is vital to maintaining its health and vitality. Here's how you can identify if your current hair care routine needs adjustment:

Signs You're Overwashing Your Hair

  • Dry or Dull Hair: Lacks the natural shine and feels rough to the touch.
  • Curly Hair: Excessive washing can cause hair to become frizzy and unmanageable.
  • Brittle Hair and Breakage: Hair becomes prone to breaking due to weakened
  • Irritated, Dry, or Itchy Scalp: The scalp's natural moisture balance is disrupted, causing discomfort.

Signs You're Not Washing Your Hair Enough

  • Greasy or Oily Hair: Excess oil accumulates, making hair look and feel unwashed.
  • Dandruff: Flakes from dead skin cells become more visible due to oil and dirt buildup.
  • Scalp Odor: Lack of washing can lead to an unpleasant smell from accumulated sweat and oils.
  • Visible Dirt: Hair may visibly collect dirt and pollutants, especially noticeable in lighter hair colors.

How To Determine The Right Washing Frequency for Your Hair

Determining the right washing frequency for your hair involves understanding your hair's specific needs. Here's a mini-guide to help you figure out the best washing schedule for your hair type:

Everyday Washing

  • Who: Individuals with very oily hair or those living in very humid environments.
  • Why: This helps manage excess oil and prevents buildup.

Every Other Day

  • Who: People with moderately oily scalp or who are using styling products daily.
  • Why: It balances removing excess oil and not stripping the hair of its natural moisture.

Two to Three Times a Week

  • Who: Most people, especially those with normal hair, fall into this category.
  • Why: It's often enough to keep your hair healthy without over-drying.

Once a Week

  • Who: Individuals with dry, curly, coarse, or chemically treated or damaged hair.
  • Why: Less frequent washing helps maintain natural oils and moisture, which are crucial for hair health.
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How To Wash Hair to Promote Healthy Hair and Growth

Here are some expert tips to ensure you're washing your hair in a way that promotes its health and vitality:

  • Choose the Right Shampoo and Conditioner: Opt for products suited to your hair type. For example, if you have dry hair, look for moisturizing formulas. If your hair is oily, consider clarifying shampoos.
  • Water Temperature Matters: Wet your hair with lukewarm water and rinse out shampoo and conditioner. Exposure to hot water can cause your hair to lose its natural oils, resulting in dryness.
  • Be Gentle: When washing your hair, concentrate on cleansing the scalp rather than the entire length.
  • Condition Correctly: Conditioner should be applied to the mid-lengths and ends of hair, avoiding the scalp to prevent excess oil. Leave it in for a few minutes to penetrate and nourish your hair before rinsing.
  • Pat Dry: After washing, gently pat your hair dry with a towel instead of rubbing it. Rubbing can cause frizz and breakage.
  • Comb Gently: Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair while it's damp to minimize breakage.
  • Limit Heat Styling: Keep your hair air-dried whenever possible. If you must use heat styling tools, apply a heat protectant product first.
  • Incorporate Hair Growth Treatments: Add a hair growth serum to your routine for an extra boost. Our Luxe Hair Growth Serum nourishes your scalp and follicles, promoting healthier and faster hair growth.

Final Thoughts

To make sure your hair remains healthy and vibrant, it's crucial to tailor your washing routine to your hair's specific needs.

Enhance your hair care regimen with Luxe-Cosmetics Hair Growth Shampoo for a nourished scalp and stronger hair and Luxe Hydrate & Repair Shampoo to revive dry or damaged strands.

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