Luxe Eyebrowlift Tutorial

Luxe Eyebrowlift Tutorial

Step By Step Guide: Luxe Eyebrowlift

Through step-by-step explanations in our e-learning program, you will become a professional and treat yourself or your friends.

Take your time with the treatment and have patience. Practice makes perfect! By the way, it's much easier with someone else.

STEP 1: Make it clean! Clean and degrease

Clean eyebrows thoroughly with the cleanser.

Important: Also work against the direction of hair growth in order to clean the skin under the eyebrows.

Tools: Cleanser, applicators

STEP 2: Fix eyebrows

1. Apply glue generously to the eyebrows.
2. Shape eyebrows to desired shape using comb.
3. Make sure that all hairs lie flat, correct if necessary.

Important: For a natural result, do not fix the eyebrows too steeply towards the hairline. Correct the position of the hairs by reapplying Luxe Eyebrow Glue and combing again.

Tools: Lifting Tool, eyebrow brushes, eyebrow glue.

STEP 3: The perm lotion

1. Cover the eyebrows with cling film to allow the lotion to be absorbed.
2. After 8 minutes, thoroughly and carefully remove the perm lotion from the eyebrows with a DRY cotton pad, WITHOUT removing the glue.
3. If necessary, reapply Luxe Eyebrow Glue to shape the eyebrows into the desired shape.

Tools: Lifting Tool, perm lotion, cling film, eyebrow glue, cotton pad

STEP 4: Luxe Eyebrow Fixation

1. Repeat the application process with the fixing lotion using a NEW application brush.
2. After 8 minutes, remove the Fixing Lotion with a dry cotton pad.
3. Clean eyebrows with a damp cotton pad and remove Luxe Eyebrow Adhesive.
4. Comb out adhesive residue with the eyelash brush.

Important: Use a new application brush for the fixing lotion. If both lotions come into contact with each other, they will become unusable due to a premature chemical reaction.

Tools: Lifting Tool, Lash Brush, Fixing Lotion, Application Brush, cling film, cotton pad wet & dry

BONUS! Eyebrow tinting

1. Mix a pea size of the color with the same amount of Oxidant Cream to a creamy paste in the color bowl with the color brush.
2. Apply mixed color to eyebrow. Correct color edges with a damp cotton swab if necessary.
3. After 2 minutes, remove the color with a damp cotton pad.
4. Brush eyebrows well with the eyelash brush. Done!

Tools: Eyelash & eyebrow color, Oxidant cream, Color brush, Color bowl, Moist cotton pad, Eyelash brush