lash lifting in process

Which silicone pad size is good for which lash length?

lash lifting in process

The right choice of silicone pad decides a lot in eyelash lifting. Depending on what shape or size you choose for the lashes, the result can look beautiful, barely visible or totally off.

This is how you decide on the right silicone pad size

The lashes should be up to 3/4 on the curvature of the silicone pad for these pads. It is important that the lashes must be dry for this. If the lashes only come to the middle, then the silicone pad is too big. If they reach the edge, it is too small.

S= strong lifting: perfect for short lashes

M= medium lifting: perfect for normal eyelashes

L= light lifting: perfect for long lashes

If you then fix the lashes properly to the pad with glue, they will be almost completely on the pad.