What happens if you cry after a lash lift

By Rabbiya Rabeel
Mar 14, 2024
What happens if you cry after a lash lift

Crying after getting a lash lift can affect the results, especially within the first 24 hours. During this time, your lashes are setting into their new shape and tears might cause the lift to not set properly, leading to uneven curls.

Crying also might lead to discomfort or irritation. The chemicals used in the procedure can mix with tears and irritate your eyes.

After 24 hours, the risk decreases significantly. However, it's still a good idea to be gentle with your lashes and avoid rubbing your eyes.

What to Do If You Cried After a Lash Lift

If you couldn't hold back your tears after a lash lift, don't panic. Here are some immediate steps you can take to minimize the impact:

  • Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes: Rubbing or touching can disturb the setting process and lead to uneven results. 
  • Gently Blot Away Tears: Use a soft, clean tissue to gently blot away tears. Be careful not to press too hard or touch the lashes, as this could cause them to lose their lift.
  • Keep Your Lashes Dry: Avoid any further exposure to moisture like showers or swimming, which can weaken the lift's hold and potentially undo the treatment's effects.
  • Use a Cool, Damp Cloth: If your eyes feel irritated or you experience any discomfort, a cool, damp cloth can be applied around the eyes for soothing relief. Again, make sure not to wet or directly touch your lashes.
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What to Do If Lash Lift Got Damaged

If crying caused noticeable damage there are steps you can take to address the issue:

  • Consult with Your Technician: The first step should be to get in touch with your lash technician. They can offer professional advice tailored to your situation.
  • Lash Lift Reversal Treatment: Your technician might recommend a lash lift reversal treatment. This involves applying a solution that helps relax the curl and bring your lashes closer to their natural state. It's a delicate process that should only be done by a professional.
  • Conditioning Treatments: Your technician might also suggest using nourishing lash serums or conditioners. These products can help restore strength to lashes that have been weakened moisture exposure.
  • Patience and Care: Sometimes, the best course of action is simply to wait and take extra care of your lashes as they naturally return to their pre-lifted condition. Avoid any further chemical treatments to minimize the risk of over-processing.
  • Future Appointments: Discuss with your technician about when it would be safe to attempt another lash lift, ensuring that your lashes have sufficiently recovered before undergoing any further treatments.

By following these steps, you can help ensure your lash lift remains intact and your lashes stay beautifully curled, despite any tears. Remember, the first 24 hours are critical for the longevity of your lash lift results.

Final Thoughts

Crying after a lash lift can disrupt the setting process, however now you know the steps to take take to manage the situation.

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