luxe lash lift kit before and after

Eyelash Lift: Before and After

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luxe lash lift kit before and after
Eyelash Lift: Before and After

Using eyelash curlers and mascara before and 8 weeks of full, long and curved eyelashes after? But how?

For the perfect eyelashes, which everyone longs for, there is now the Luxe Eyelash Lift.

luxe lash lift kit before and after
It only takes a few minutes and promises twice as long, twice as thick lashes and a stunning eye look? That's no problem with the Luxe Eyelash Lift.

Your long, full and naturally curved lashes will last up to 8 weeks. At the same time, you no longer have to resort to harmful eyelash curlers or artificial eyelashes.

With the Luxe Eyelash Lift, you give your lashes more volume, density and curl in a well-tolerated way.

With the eyelash pad, your eyelashes are gently lengthened and shaped - for a lift effect that instantly creates your perfect eye look.

The treatment is completely safe, painless and dermatologically tested.

luxe lash lift kit before and after
1. What exactly happens during a Luxe Eyelash Lift?

Straight grown or short eyelashes become visually fuller and longer with Eyelash Lift. The eyelash pad gently lengthens and shapes the eyelashes. The treatment is completely safe, painless and has been dermatologically tested.

2. What is the difference with eyelash perm?

The difference between Luxe Eyelash Lift and Eyelash Perm is that your eyelashes look much longer after the Eyelash Lift treatment. With the eyelash perm, your eyelashes are fixed on rollers instead of silicone pads and brought into curl. The silicone pad as a shaper creates the "lift effect" and the eyelashes look significantly longer and more natural than with an eyelash perm.

3. How long does the result last?

The Luxe Eyelash Lift lasts up to 2 months. Depending on the texture of your eyelashes, this may vary slightly.

4. How safe is the application?

Luxe Eyelash Lift is very safe and even enjoyable if all the steps are followed according to the treatment procedure. Just take your time, focus and have a lot of fun. It will not harm your eyelashes at all either. Our formulas have been checked and tested several times. They contain a range of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that ensure your lashes are nourished and do not flake.

5. Is there also a tutorial video?