How to Apply Lash Serum

By Josef Mohamed
Dec 27, 2023
how to apply lash serum

If you've been wondering about the proper technique to maximize the effectiveness of your lash serum, you're in the right place.

This article will show you exactly how to apply lash serum for the best results and highlight essential precautions.

How to Apply Lash Serum: Step-by-Step Guide

Following our simple guide ensures you're using your lash serum effectively and safely. Here's how:

#1. Remove Makeup: This step is crucial for the serum's adequate adherence to your lashes.

#2. Remove Contact Lenses: It's important to avoid irritation. Reinsert them 10-15 minutes after applying the serum.

#3. Shake the Serum Bottle Gently: Shake the bottle to mix, then wipe the applicator on the bottle's rim to avoid excess serum.

#4. Apply Serum on the Upper Eyeline: Avoid applying directly to lower lashes; blinking naturally transfers the serum.

#5. Avoid Double Applying: Re-dipping can introduce bacteria and lead to over-application.

#6. Remove the Excess: Blot away excess serum to prevent irritation and unwanted hair growth in other areas.

#7. Let the Serum Dry: Allow 5 minutes for the serum to dry before applying any other eye makeup, ensuring total absorption and effectiveness.

Recommendations For Maximum Effect

Applying Interval: Consistently apply your lash serum once daily. Adhere to the product's specific instructions for frequency to avoid irritation and ensure effectiveness.

Correct Timing: Apply the serum at night before bed. This allows the serum to work optimally during your body's natural repair time and ensures maximum absorption.

Avoid Applying Makeup Right Away: Wait 5-10 minutes after applying the serum before using any eye makeup. This prevents interference with absorption and reduces the risk of smudging.

Using Complementary Products: Incorporate gentle moisturizers or eye creams to support lash growth. Apply these separately from the lash serum to avoid absorption issues and enhance overall eyelash health.

How Long Does it Take for Lash Serum to See Results?

Expect to see visible results from lash serum after 4 to 8 weeks of consistent daily use.

This period aligns with the natural eyelash growth cycle, allowing the serum to enhance and strengthen your lashes fully.

Precautions to Follow while Applying Lash Serum

Perform Patch Test: Always conduct a patch test on a small skin area before using the serum. Watch for allergic reactions like redness, itching, or swelling within 24 hours.

Avoid Applying Too Much Serum: Use only a tiny amount of serum for each application. Over-application can cause irritation and unintended hair growth.

Avoid Getting Serum in the Eye: Apply the serum carefully along the lash line. If it gets into your eye, rinse immediately to prevent irritation.

See a Doctor if Something Goes Wrong: Consult a doctor if you experience side effects like persistent irritation, redness, or eye pain.

How to Choose the Best Eyelash Serum for You?

To ensure you are obtaining a high-quality and effective eyelash serum, consider these factors before purchasing:

Proven Results

lash serum before and after

Look for brands that showcase accurate results with clear "before and after" images on their website or social media profiles. These images provide a reliable indicator of what you can expect from the product.

Money-Back Guarantee

A confident brand often offers a money-back guarantee, allowing you to try their product risk-free. This shows their belief in the product's effectiveness and gives you peace of mind.

Positive Reviews

Reading reviews from real customers can give you a better understanding of the serum's effectiveness. 

Reviews of Luxe Eyelash Growth Serum

“Absolutely fantastic! I have been using it every day since 18 April. Daily use is crucial! One minus point because shipping took a little longer for me. Dhl screwed something up” - Hanna U.n.

lash serum results 1

“I tried many serums and finally ended up with this one, but you have to be consistent. I apply it daily before bedtime and it works great” - Kim F.

lash serum results 2

“I got the eyelash serum based on recommendations and I have to say I love it. I've been using it for over a month now and I can already see great progress. I will definitely order again.” - Melissa T.

lash serum results 3

High-Quality Ingredients

Look for serums rich in lash-boosting vitamins like Vitamin E and antioxidants. Hydrating oils and plant extracts like Bergamot, Blue Pea, and Kigelia African are beneficial.

Luxe Eyelash Growth Serum is a solution formulated with ingredients like Castor oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 Peptide, avoiding harmful growth hormones like prostaglandins, which can cause side effects.

Dermatologist Tested

Even if you don't have skin sensitivities, it's crucial to use safe and gentle products for this delicate area.


Opt for non-toxic, plant-based products. Many beauty products contain harmful ingredients; choosing clean, non-toxic options is safer for your health and skin, reducing the risk of adverse reactions.

a young woman brushing her lashes after applying eyelash growth serum


Practical lash serum application and patience are crucial to achieving luscious lashes. Follow our step-by-step guide for optimal results, and remember, it typically takes 4 to 8 weeks to see a noticeable difference.

Choose a serum like Luxe Eyelash Growth Serum, which has proven results, high-quality ingredients, and safety assurances. You're heading to healthier, fuller lashes with consistent use and the right product.

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