How to Fix Crooked Eyelashes

By Josef Mohamed
Dec 28, 2023
how to fix crooked eyelashes

Dealing with crooked eyelashes can be a daily struggle, but figuring out how to fix crooked eyelashes doesn't have to be complicated.

In this article we'll discover share tips how to fix crooked eyelashes.

Why Are Lashes So Delicate

Eyelashes are incredibly delicate due to their unique structure and growth cycle.

Unlike the hair on our scalp, which can last up to seven years, eyelashes have a much shorter lifespan, typically just a few weeks.

Their position on the eye's edge make them vulnerable towards environmental factors like dust and pollution.

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The Causes of Crooked Eyelashes

Genetic Factors: Conditions like distichiasis, where two rows of eyelashes grow from the same follicle, lead to overcrowding and twisting. It can be challenging to address this issue without medical intervention.

Improper Eyelash Care: Poor practices, such as not removing makeup thoroughly can damage lashes. Overgrowth of bacteria around the eye area due to inadequate cleaning can also contribute to eyelash distortion.

Overusing Eyelash Curlers: The mechanical pressure and aggressive pulling can misshape the natural curl of the lashes, causing them to bend or twist unnaturally.

Harsh Makeup:  Harsh products strip away natural oils, leading to brittle and misshapen lashes. Additionally, excessive rubbing during makeup removal can damage the lashes.

Sleeping on Your Face: Change your sleeping position. Resting with your face pressed against the pillow can physically alter the shape of your lashes, leading to crooking or twisting.

Age-Related Changes: As we age, changes in hair texture and growth patterns can affect eyelashes too. Age-related hormonal changes can lead to weaker, more easily distorted lashes.

Trauma or Injury: Physical trauma or injury to the eyelid area can impact how eyelashes grow. Accidents, surgical procedures can cause temporary or permanent lash distortion.

How to Prevent Eyelashes from Crooking

Nourish Your Lashes with Quality Care Products or Serum: To prevent crooked eyelashes, it's crucial to nourish them properly. Regularly using premium care products or eyelash growth serums  can enhance lash health, making them more resilient to bending and crooking.

Use Quality Mascara: Avoid too heavy or drying formulas, as these can lead to weakened lashes prone to crooking.

Limit False Eyelashes and Extensions: These can strain your natural lashes, leading to crooking. Limit their use and ensure they're applied and removed gently. 

Balanced Diet: Nutrient-rich foods support hair growth and strength, including your eyelashes. Focus on a diet rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals to keep your lashes strong and less likely to crook.

Makeup Breaks: Sleeping with makeup on or constant application can stress your lashes. Ensure you have makeup-free days, and permanently remove makeup before bed to allow your lashes to rest and recover.

Avoid UV Rays: Exposure to UV rays can weaken lashes. Protect your eyes and eyelashes from sun exposure by wearing sunglasses and using eye products with UV protection.

Avoid Excessive Rubbing or Pressure: Rubbing your eyes or applying too much pressure can lead to crooked lashes. Be gentle when touching your eye area, whether during makeup application or removal.

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The Difference Between Crooked and Bent Eyelashes

Understanding the difference between "crooked" and "bent" eyelashes is crucial for proper eyelash care. Here's a breakdown to help you distinguish between these two common conditions:

Crooked Eyelashes:

  • Crooked eyelashes are characterized by their irregular growth patterns. They may grow in different directions, leading to a somewhat chaotic appearance.
  • Uneven alignment of lashes across the eyelid, with some lashes potentially crossing over others.

Bent Eyelashes:

  • Bent eyelashes have a noticeable bend or kink at a certain point along their length.
  • This condition is often caused by external factors rather than a natural growth pattern.
  • Common causes are pressure from eyelash curlers, heavy mascara applications, or sleeping with pressure on the lashes.

In summary:

  • Crooked Lashes: Irregular growth, uneven alignment, potentially genetic.
  • Bent Lashes: Noticeable kinks, often caused by external pressure, usually follow average growth direction with specific bends.

Long-Term Solution on How to Fix Crooked Eyelashes

Lash Lifting offers a long-term solution for fixing crooked eyelashes. This treatment reshapes and uplifts your lashes, enhancing their natural curl. It straightens crooked lashes and provides an appealing lift that opens the eyes, offering a more expressive look.

Benefits of Lash Lifting include:

  • Enhanced Natural Beauty: It accentuates your eyes, giving a fuller, more vibrant appearance without makeup.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires little upkeep, saving time on daily eyelash curling.
  • Lasting Results: The lift holds for several weeks, which is ideal for busy lifestyles.
  • Safety and Gentleness: The process is safe for your lashes especially with professional products like the Luxe Lashlift Kit.

Final Thoughts

In summary, managing crooked or bent eyelashes is achievable with proper care and the right products.

For a lasting solution, the Luxe Lashlift Kit offers an easy, long-term fix, providing a natural lift and enhancing the overall beauty of your eyes.

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