lash lifting in process

Why do eyelashes sometimes fall out after a Luxe Lashlift Set?

lash lifting in process

A natural process

We constantly lose eyelashes and eyebrow hairs. You know it from the hair on your head. Every day 2-3 eyelashes and eyebrow hairs fall out. This is not bad, because new hairs always grow back. If you now notice that more eyelashes and eyebrow hairs fall out, this can be a sign that you have not used mascara before or have used it only rarely. This is because when we use mascara regularly, we stimulate the blood vessels with the brush and thus encourage the keratinocytes to divide. This then causes new eyelashes to grow back, but also causes the older ones to fall out faster. This process is normal. Someone who uses mascara regularly will not notice any change in this process.

Being unaccustomed to care can lead to increased fall out

For women whose eyelashes have never seen mascara, who never comb their eyelashes, the eyelash lift will be a very unfamiliar care. We beautifully do the treatment, we fix the eyelashes, pull them, sort them, wipe them, tint them, etc. These eyelashes are not used to such things. So the cells are especially happy and start to divide. That's why it's these women who then often notice that their eyelashes fall out faster after the treatment. The fact that the eyelashes also grow back more quickly cannot be seen as quickly as the eyelashes that have fallen out.