Bottom Lash Lift: Everything you Need to Know

By Rabbiya Rabeel
Dec 11, 2023
bottom lash lift

The trend of bottom lash lifts is quietly taking the beauty world by storm, offering a new fresh way look.

In this blog, we're going to explore the ins and outs of bottom lash lifts, showing you how this understated treatment can add elegance to your gaze.

Can you Get a Lift for Bottom Lashes?

Absolutely. Bottom lash lifts are all about gently lifting and curling them to add depth and definition to your eyes.

This treatment is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their look without heavy makeup.

Is Bottom Lash Lift Safe?

Generally, bottom lash lifts are safe if done correctly. However, there are a few risks and concerns to be aware of.

  • The skin around the lower eyelid is thinner and more sensitive compared to the upper eyelid. It's crucial to ensure that the products used are of high quality and suitable for sensitive areas.
  • Another concern is the potential for eye irritation. The eyes may react to the chemicals used, especially if they accidentally come into contact with the solutions.
  • The risk of an allergic reaction is also something to consider. Performing a patch test before undergoing a bottom lash lift is a wise step to ensure that you don't have an adverse reaction to the products used.

After the lift, make sure to take good care of them. Keep your lashes dry and try not to touch or rub your eyes. This helps avoid any irritation or damage.

In short, bottom lash lifts are a safe way to make your lower lashes look better. Just make sure to either go to a skilled professional or use a high-quality kit like Luxe Lashlift Kit if you're doing it yourself.

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Why You Should Get a Bottom Lash Lift

Opting for a bottom lash lift can bring several noticeable benefits to your overall look. Here's why you might consider this beauty treatment:

  • Enhances Eye Size and Brightness:  By gently lifting and curling the lower lashes, it adds dimension and depth, making your eyes appear bigger and brighter.
  • Tidies Up Messy Bottom Lashes:  If your lower lashes tend to be unruly or point in different directions, a lash lift can help. It aligns and shapes the lashes.
  • Balances the Upper Lash Enhancements:  If you’ve already had a treatment on your upper lashes, like a lift or extensions, a bottom lash lift can complement and balance the look.
  • Low Maintenance, Long-Lasting Results:  Like upper lash lifts, bottom lash lifts offer the convenience of long-lasting results. They typically last several weeks, during which you won’t need to worry about applying makeup.

How to Find a Technician that Does Bottom Lash Lifting

Finding a technician who specializes in bottom lash lifting requires a bit of research and consideration. We are here to help with a few practical tips.

  • Ask for Recommendations:  Start by asking friends, family, or colleagues if they have had a bottom lash lift and if they can recommend a skilled technician.
  • Explore Social Media Platforms:  Many technicians showcase their work on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, allowing you to assess their expertise in lash lifting.
  • Check Online Reviews:  Use online platforms such as Google, Yelp, or beauty-related forums to read reviews about lash technicians in your area. Look for consistent positive feedback and pay attention to any mention of bottom lash lifting.
  • Contact Local Salons and Spas:  Call or visit local salons and ask if they have technicians who specialize in bottom lash lifting and request to see before-and-after photos of their work.
  • Check Online Portfolios:  Many technicians have online portfolios or galleries showcasing their work. Search for websites where technicians display images of lash lifts, paying particular attention to before-and-after photos of bottom lash lifts.
  • Visit Beauty Expos or Events:  Attend local beauty expos or events where professionals often showcase their skills. This is an excellent opportunity to meet technicians in person and ask questions about the bottom lash lift.
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Bottom Lash Lift Process

The bottom lash lift process, is similar to the regular lash lift, but involves some specific techniques tailored to the characteristics of the lower lashes. Here's a breakdown of the process and how it differs from lifting the upper lashes:

  • Step 1: Consultation:  Just like with a regular lash lift, the process begins with a consultation. However, for bottom lashes, the emphasis is on ensuring a very natural, subtle lift, as the lower lashes are typically finer and shorter.
  • Step 2: Cleansing and Prepping:  The lower eyelid area is cleansed thoroughly. This step is crucial since the skin here is more sensitive and prone to irritation. The technician will take extra care to protect the under-eye area and the skin around the lower lashes.
  • Step 3: Applying the Shield and Solution: Unlike the upper lashes, a smaller, more delicate silicone shield is used for the lower lashes. A lifting solution is then carefully applied. The quantity and exposure time are often less than that for upper lashes.
  • Step 4: Setting the Curl:  After the lifting solution has done its work, it's removed, and a setting solution is applied. This step is similar to the upper lash process but requires more precision.
  • Step 5: Nourishing and Conditioning:  The final step involves applying a nourishing serum to the lower lashes. This is particularly important for the bottom lashes as they can be more fragile and can be easily damaged.

Key Differences from Regular Lash Lifting

  • Delicacy:  The entire process is more delicate due to the sensitivity of the lower lash area.
  • Shield Size:  Smaller silicone shields are used for the bottom lashes.
  • Solution Application:  Both the amount of the lifting solution used and the time it is left on the lashes are reduced.
  • Precision:  Extra care is taken throughout the process to avoid irritating the eyes, as the lower lashes are closer to the eye itself.

Is it Okay to Tint Bottom Lashes?

If your bottom lashes are light or not so full, tinting will make them stand out more, giving your eyes a fuller, more vibrant look.

Once you tint your lashes, they stay that way for weeks without daily hassle.

Quick Note: Before you tint your lashes, a quick patch test 48 hours before is a smart move to make sure your skin says yes to the tint.

Bottom Lash Lift: Final Appearance

bottom lash lift before and after 1

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bottom lash lift before and after 2

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How Much Does it Cost to Lift Lower Lashes?

On average, bottom lash lifting tends to be slightly less expensive than upper lash lifting. The cost of a bottom lash lift typically ranges from $30 to $75, whereas the upper lash lift costs on average $50 to $100.

It's important to note that these are general estimates, and prices can vary significantly based on factors such as the technician's expertise, the salon's reputation, and the specific techniques and products used.

Can I Lift Bottom Lashes at Home?

Lifting your bottom lashes at home is a safe and easy process when you have the right tools and products. With the increasing popularity of DIY beauty treatments, like Luxe Lashlift Kit giving yourself a bottom lash lift in the comfort of your own home is a convenient option. Just make sure you are extra attentive to the sensitive under-eye area.


Bottom lash enhancements, like a professional lift or a custom tint, are quickly becoming must-haves in grooming. Especially for those who prefer the convenience of home treatments, lifting your bottom lashes at home has never been easier.

This is where the Luxe Lashlift Kit comes into play. Chosen by thousands for its reliability and ease of use, this set stands out as the ideal solution for achieving your desired lash look at home.

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