How to Perform Lash Lift Aftercare: Tips for Stunning, Long-Lasting Results

By Rabbiya Rabeel
Nov 29, 2023
lash lift aftercare

Achieving the perfect lash lift is only half the battle. The secret to keeping those lashes stunning lies in the aftercare, and that's where our expertise comes in.

What is Lash Lift Aftercare?

Lash lift aftercare refers to the specific steps and precautions you take after undergoing a lash lift. Lash lift aftercare is crucial because it ensures the longevity of the curl and the health of your lashes. It involves a regimen that starts right after the treatment and continues typically for around six to eight weeks.

A woman is performing a lash lift aftercare routine

Lash Lifting Beforecare Tips

Pre-care is just as important as aftercare because it sets the stage for how well your lashes take to the lift.

Here's what you need to know to get your lashes ready for their big day.

  • Skip the Stimulants: Caffeine can cause your eyelids to flutter or twitch, which might interfere with the application process.
  • No Makeup: Residues of mascara or eyeliner can create a barrier between your lashes and the lifting solution.
  • Avoid Lash Curler: Over-curling can stress your lashes and might affect how well they respond to the lifting solution.
  • Use Lash-Growth Serum: Nourish your lashes with a serum before your appointment for healthier lashes and better effect.
  • Avoid Eye Creams: The oils in eye creams can create a film on your lashes, preventing the lifting solution from setting properly.
  • Contact Lens Caution: Remove contact lenses before the lash lift procedure to prevent discomfort .

Do’s and Don’ts of Lash Lift Aftercare: Day-by-Day

Navigating the first few days after your lash lift ensures a long-lasting curl. Here’s a detailed day-by-day breakdown of the aftercare steps.

Day 1: The Initial Settling

On the first day, your lashes may feel slightly different, a little more structured and perhaps a tad firmer to the touch as the lift sets in.

  • Gently Brush You Eyelashes: Use a clean, dry spoolie to comb through your lashes.
  • Sleep on Your Back: This prevents your lashes from pressing against your pillow and potentially losing shape.
  • Use Oil-Free Products on Your Eyes: If you must use products, ensure they’re oil-free to avoid breaking down the lift solution.
  • Avoid Touching or Rubbing Your Eyes: Your lashes are delicate, and any pressure can alter their new shape.
  • Keep Your Lashes Dry: No showers, swimming, or steamy environments that can cause the lift to fall prematurely.
  • Say No to Makeup: Give your eyes a rest from makeup to avoid disturbing the lift.
A woman is performing a lash lift aftercare routine in front of a mirror

Day 2: The Curl Consolidates

By day two, your lashes are adjusting to their new elevation, and you might begin to notice the full effect of the lift, making your eyes appear more open and awake.

  • Continue to Brush Gently: Maintain the habit of carefully brushing your lashes in the morning and evening.
  • Mind Your Sleeping Position: Keep sleeping on your back to avoid potential bending of lash shape.
  • Stay Mild with Eye Products: If you must use products near your eyes, continue to choose oil-free options.
  • Resist Moisture: Keep up the good work avoiding water and steam to allow the lift to set fully.
  • Hold Off on Mascara: It's still too soon for mascara or any lash treatments that could interfere with the lift.
  • Avoid Heat: High temperatures can soften the lash shape, so steer clear of hot ovens, hairdryers, and saunas.

Day 3: The New Normal

On the third day, your lashes should feel more natural, and you can begin to appreciate the true beauty of the lift with a more settled and defined curl.

  • Maintain Gentle Brushing: Your lashes will thank you for your continued attention with a spoolie brush.
  • Start to Introduce Products Carefully: You can begin reintroducing eye creams or makeup, but keep them light and preferably oil-free.
  • Monitor the Lash Health: Keep an eye on the condition of your lashes, ensuring they remain nourished and strong. 
  • Avoid Heavy Eye Creams: Thick creams can weigh down your lashes and affect the curl.
  • No Waterproof Makeup: Waterproof formulas can be too harsh for your freshly lifted lashes when it comes to removal.
  • Beware of Cotton Pads: When removing any eye makeup, opt for soft, lint-free cloths to avoid rubbing your lashes.

Day 4 and Beyond: Ensuring Durability

By this stage, your lash lift has settled, and you'll continue to enjoy the beautiful results with proper care.

  • Incorporate Regular Brushing into Your Routine: It keeps your lashes looking their best.
  • Gradually Return to Normal Activities: It’s generally safe to resume your usual routine but treat your lashes carefully.
  • Use Lash Serums: Now's a good time to start applying lash serums that support the strength and health of your lashes.
  • Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes: This is a good habit to maintain even after the initial period.
  • Be Cautious with Eye Makeup: Introduce makeup slowly and gently, choosing products that support lash health.
A young woman looking into a small mirror, admiring her reflection

Lash Lift Everyday Aftercare Tips

After navigating the critical first days post-treatment, establishing a daily lash care routine will maximize the life of your lash lift. Here’s how you can keep your lashes looking lovely and lifted every day.

  • Nourish with Lash Serums and Conditioners: Apply a nourishing serum or conditioner to keep them strong, supple, and healthy. 
  • Keep Brushing: A soft, clean spoolie brush should become part of your daily ritual. Gently comb your lashes to maintain the curl. 
  • Hands-Off Approach: Avoid touching your lashes. The pressure from your fingers can impact their shape.
  • Shield from the Sun: Large, UV-protective sunglasses will protect your lashes from the sun’s harsh rays, which can weaken the lift over time.
  • Swim Smart: If you’re a swimmer, wear goggles to protect your lashes from chlorinated water. Chlorine can be harsh on your lashes and may affect the longevity of the lift and tint.
  • Gentle Cleansing Routine: Use gentle, oil-free products to clean your face or remove makeup. Don’t rub and avoid direct contact with your lashes.
  • Mind Your Makeup: If you use mascara or eyeliner, choose products that are easy to remove. Waterproof makeup can require oil-based removers or rubbing, which can impact on your lash lift.
  • Avoid Heat: High heat can reshape your lashes. When opening an oven or dishwasher, step back and let the heat disperse a bit.

FAQs About Lash Lift Aftercare

How Long after Eyelash Lift Can I Shower?

You can shower on the same day as your eyelash lift, but keep it short and avoid hot steam. The first 48 hours are crucial, so try not to get the eye area wet during this time to allow the lift to set properly​.

What is the Best Aftercare for Lash Lift?

The best aftercare for a lash lift includes avoiding moisture and makeup for the first 24-48 hours. You should sleep on your back to prevent lash deformation, use gentle, oil-free beauty products, and avoid the use of waterproof mascara and eyelash curlers. Regular brushing with a clean spoolie brush is also recommended.

What Happens if the Lash Lift Gets Wet?

If your lash lift gets wet within the first 48 hours, it will affect the curl and longevity of the lift. Dry them as soon as possible and avoid any further moisture. If they drop or the lift is ruined, you should wait at least one month to repeat the treatment​.

Can I Use an Eyelash Curler after Lash Lift?

Using an eyelash curler after a lash lift is not recommended. The lash lift itself creates a natural curl, and using a mechanical curler can stress and damage the lashes.

Final Thoughts

Now it's clear that maintaining the newly lifted lashes is as important as the initial treatment. Every step from the immediate aftercare to the daily maintenance routine plays an essential role in ensuring the longevity of your lash lift.

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