How Much Does an Eyelash Lift Cost: Pricing Factors in 2024

By Rabbiya Rabeel
Dec 06, 2023
how much are lash lifts

How Much does a Lash Lift Cost on Average?

Lash lifting treatment in the US, on average, costs $90. The range may fluctuate from $75 to $150 depending on a few factors:

  • Salon Location
  • Salon or Technician's Reputation and Experience
  • Quality of Products Used
  • Type of Lash Lift Procedure
  • Additional Services, Like Tinting
  • Promotions and Packages

Every place you visit will have its unique way of doing things, directly affecting the price.

How We Came Up With The Price List

Luxe Cosmetics research team conducted a thorough research to come up with the most accurate results performing the following steps.

  • Went through other research articles 
  • Searched for top salons in each location
  • Compared the prices of previous research articles and actual salons for each location
  • Went through Reddit to compare salon prices with actual prices paid by real users
  • Calculated the average pricing based on previous filters

Lash Lift Pricing In The USA (Per State)

Lash lift prices can vary quite a bit across different states in the U.S. Check out the list below to see the average costs in each state and get a better idea of what to expect.

Note: Additional costs and taxes may apply.

City/StateAverage Lash Lift Cost
Alabama (AL)$66
Arizona (AZ)$69
California (CA)$81
Colorado (CO)$78
Connecticut (CT)$89
Florida (FL)$63
Georgia (GA)$89
Hawaii (HI)$81
Iowa (IA)$110
Idaho (ID)$62
Illinois (IL)$62
Indiana (IN)$91
Kentucky (KY)$89
Maryland (MD)$75
Miami (MI)$75
Missouri (MO)$52
North Carolina (NC)$75
Nebraska (NE) $77
New Jersey (NJ)$83
Ohio (OH)$59
Oklahoma (OK)$103
Oregon (OR)$89
Pensilvania (PA)$51
 Rhode Island (RI)$84
South Carolina (SC)$64
Tennessee (TN)$87
Texas (TX)$72
Utah (UT)$74
Virginia (VA)$103
Washington (WA)$77
Wisconsin (WI)$35


Lash Tint Pricing In The USA (Per State)

Lash tinting price is typically lower. Although many salons offer lash lift and tint combo appointments, some places provide the tinting only solution.

Note: Additional costs and taxes may apply.

StateAverage Lash Tint Cost
Alaska (AK)$25
Arkansas (AR)$29
Arizona (AZ)$20
California (CA)$53
Colorado (CO)$30
Connecticut (CT)$35
Florida (FL)$18
Georgia (GA)$25
Iowa (IA)$15
Illinois (IL)$40
Indiana (IN)$45
Kansas (KS)$20
Kentucky (KY)$35
Louisiana (LA)$20
Maryland (MD)$29
Miami (MI)$20
Massachusetts (MS)$35
North Carolina (NC) $29
New Jersey (NJ)$39
New York (NY)$22
Ohio (OH)$29
Oklahoma (OK)$25
Oregon (OR)$18
Pennsylvania (PA)$20
South Carolina (SC)$4
Tennessee (TN)$8
Texas (TX)$13
Utah  (UT)$35
Virginia (VA)$36
Washington (WA)$25
Wyoming (WY)$20


What's Included in the Lash Lifting Session Pricing?

The pricing for a lash lifting session typically includes several components which build up the final price:

  • Consultation: Salons with high reputation typically include a consultation session before the actual procedure to discuss your desired lash look, any allergies or sensitivities you may have, and to answer any questions you might have about the process.
  • Patch Test: Before undergoing any new cosmetic procedure, it is essential for the technician to conduct a patch test to check for allergies to the products being used. These tests are typically free of charge but some salons may charge an additional fee for them.
  • Materials and Products: The cost of the chemical solutions used in the lifting process, as well as any additional products such as eye pads, adhesive, and tools required for the procedure are also included in the overall price you are paying for the session.
  • Professional Expertise: You are paying for the expertise and skill of the technician performing the lash lift. A trained and experienced technician will ensure the procedure is done safely and effectively.
  • Aftercare Instructions: Aftercare instructions are provided to help you maintain the results of the lash lift for as long as possible. This may include advice on avoiding certain activities that could affect the lashes, such as rubbing your eyes or using oil-based products. Some salons may even give you aftercare products as a gift.

A few extra add-ons like tinting or kerating infused lash lifting are charged additionally.

How to Find a Lash Lift Solution Based on Your Budget

Free Options

1. Become a Model: A lot of newly trained lash technicians need to gain experience before applying for an actual job at a salon. You can volunteer to be their model and get a lash lift for free! But be cautious because you may not get the result you are expecting. Be aware that you will be asked to take photos, and those will be shared on their social media.

Where to Find: Try searching on social media, be attentive to ads from local salons, or research their official websites; they often place applications for volunteer models.

Budget: Less Than $60

1. Choose DIY Lash Lift Kits: Explore affordable at-home lash lift kits. Try Luxe Lashlift Kit which is a perfect combination of cost-effective and high quality solution.

Where to Find: Search online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or beauty supply stores for a variety of DIY lash lift kits. In online stores try sorting prices from lowest to highest to find the most affordable option for you.

2. Hire a Self-Employed Lash Lift Technician:
 Self-employed lash lift technicians often have lower costs compared to those working in salons or spas. The reasons may include:

  • Reduced expenses like rent, utilities, and maintenance associated with a physical salon 
  • Fewer operational costs such as salon equipment or reception staff
  • No need to share profits with a salon or spa
  • Flexible pricing structure to overcome market competition

Where to Find: Try searching in Instagram or business listing websites like Yelp.

Budet: $60-$150

1. Get a Professional Lash Lift Service: Consider getting a professional lash lift from a trained technician at a salon.

Where to Find: Search for local highly reviewed beauty salons or lash studios in online directories like Yelp. Book appointments directly through their websites or contact them for availability.

2. Search for Salon Promotions or Discounts:
Check for salon promotions or discounts, especially during certain seasons or events like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Where to Find: Search for websites that offer different kinds of discounts and promocodes. 

Budet: $150 and Above

1. Get a Luxury Professional Lash Lift Service: Opt for a high-end professional lash lift service at a reputable salon for a more luxurious experience.

Where to Find: Look for high-end salons or luxury spas in your area. Check reviews on platforms like Yelp or Google Reviews, and schedule appointments through their official websites or by contacting them directly.

A young woman consulting with her lash lift technician

What Affects the Cost of a Lash Lift?

Understanding why prices are so different isn't too tricky. Consider these details to figure out what exactly you may be charged at a salon.

  • Salon Location: If you go to a busy area, like downtown Manhattan, you'll pay more because everything there costs more (area renting, tools, eyelash care products etc.). But if you head to a quieter, less busy place, it might not cost as much.
  • Tech Experience: The lash technician is cruical. The price of treatment will depend on their training, years of experience, reputation and most importantly the quality of the work they do. 
  • Lash Lift Type: There are a few ways to do a lash lift like standard lash lift, Keratin, LVL etc. Each lash lift type has it's own technique and every detail here will directly impact the price you will pay.
  • Add-Ons: Sometimes, you can get extra things done with your lash lift, like tinting or using a special conditioner to keep them healthy. These extras make your lashes look even better but also add to the cost.

Putting it all together, the cost of your lash lift is made up of all these parts which come together to set the final price you pay.

How to Choose a Salon Based on Lash Lift Price?

To get the perfect combination of a nice atmosphere, great service, and prices that don't break the bank, you might want to do some research to find the right salon for you. Take a look at the tips below, which will help you make an informed decision.

  • Check the Salon's Reputation: Look for good reviews from other customers. If you see the same complaints over and over, that's a warning sign.
  • Consult Before Treatment: Lots of good salons first consult with you before the treatment. This is a great time to ask questions, understand whether there are any hidden costs, and see if the technician seems good at what they do.
  • Don't fall for the Cheapest Price: It's tempting to just look for the cheapest place, but remember that sometimes, paying a little more can mean better quality. A salon with fair prices and good reviews is often the best choice.
  • Try a New Place: Sometimes, a new salon will have lower prices to get new customers. This can be a good deal, especially if their technicians have experience. It's worth checking out their background — they might be experts who are just starting their own business.
A young woman in a lash lift salon reading a beauty magazine

At Home vs Salon Lash Lifting Costs

While searching for a quality lash lifting solution you might be stuck between going to a salon or doing it yourself. Even the lowest salon price can be huge if you compare it to at home lash lift kits. Take as an example the Luxe Lash Lift Kit. It will cost you $7.95 per application while even the lowest salon prices start from $50 per session. 

Another benefit of a DIY lash lifting solution is that it can be done from the comfort of your own home. With a bit of practice, you can achieve professional-looking results without stepping foot outside your door. Learning to do your own lash lifts can save you a lot of cash in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up our guide to lash lift pricing, we see that it's all about choices and what works best for you. The salon offers the luxury of a professional touch, while at-home kits like the Luxe Lashlift Set present a safe, and cost-effective way to achieve that desired curl and lift from the comfort of your home.

In the end, whichever path you choose, the promise of waking up every morning to perfectly curled lashes is a small luxury that's undeniably worth it.

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