What Happens if I Accidently Get My Lash Lift Wet

By Josef Mohamed
Dec 15, 2023
i accidentally got my lash lift wet

Got your lash lift wet too soon? Don't panic.

If your newly lifted lashes got exposed to a small amount of water you can gently dry them with a simple tissue. But if you notice that the lift is significantly damaged, read further to discover practical steps on how to fix the issue.

Understanding the Impact

The lift solutions need some time to set and bond with your lashes. Introducing water 24 hours after your lash lift can disrupt this process, breaking down the solution and potentially weakening the curl and lift.

A woman fixing her lifted lashes that accidentally went wet

How to Handle the Situation

Here are quick steps for you if you accidentally got your lash lift wet.

#1. Dry the Wet Lash Lift With Cotton Wool

If your lash lift gets wet, gently dry it with cotton wool. After drying, wait 10 minutes before proceeding to the next step. This allows your lashes to stabilize after moisture exposure.

  • Pro Tip: Avoid using a hairdryer or any heat source, since they can destabilize the lash shape.

#2. Apply Lash Adhesive

  • Place Lashes on Lift Pad: Carefully position your lashes on the pad.
  • Apply Adhesive: Use a stick to apply a thin adhesive layer.
  • Wait and Comb: After 30 seconds, comb the lashes to ensure they're straight and evenly spaced.
  • Add More Adhesive if Needed: For a stronger hold, apply additional adhesive and let it dry.
  • Keep Lashes Dry: Avoid water for 24-48 hours to set the adhesive.

#3. Apply a permanent lotion

  • Apply with Precision: Use a cotton bud to dab the permanent lotion onto the lower half of your lashes, focusing on the root area. Avoid over-applying to prevent loosening the lashes.
  • Timing is Key: Leave the lotion on for 12 to 15 minutes, depending on your lash thickness.

*This step is crucial in re-establishing your lash lift.

#4. Apply the repair lotion

  • Remove Perm Lotion: First, gently wipe away the perm lotion using a cotton bud, being careful not to touch the ends of your lashes.
  • Apply Repair Lotion: Next, apply the repair lotion similarly, focusing on the lash roots.
  • Wait with Cling Film: Cover your lashes with cling film and wait for 8 minutes.

#5. Brush off your lashes

Use a cleaner with a cotton bud to gently remove any remaining product or glue. This step is critical to prevent your lashes from over-curling or becoming clumpy.

Finally, carefully remove any pads from your eyelids, completing the lash lift repairing process.

#6. Use the nourish lotion

Apply the nourish lotion gently after combing your lashes to prevent over-thickening, especially if they get wet within the first 24 hours.

This step completes your lash lift care, helping maintain a natural, lifted look. 

A young woman performing aftercare for a lash lift after fixing her wet lash lift

Further Aftercare Recommendations

You just successfully recovered your lash lifts that accidentally got wet. Now it’s time to learn the next steps on how to take care of your newly lifted lashes.

  • Avoid Water Exposure: Avoid water, steam, and high humidity for at least 24 to 48 hours after fixing the lash lift. This helps the lifted lashes to set and maintain their shape.
  • Be Gentle During Cleansing: When cleansing your face, especially the eye area. Use a mild, oil-free makeup remover and a soft cotton pad.
  • Skip Waterproof Mascara: Avoid using waterproof mascara during the initial days after fixing the lash lift. Waterproof formulas are harder to remove and may require more rubbing, which could damage the lift.
  • Apply a Lash Conditioner: Use a specialized lash conditioner or serum to nourish the lashes. Applyi a small amount daily to maintain lash health and prevent dryness.
  • Avoid Rubbing or Pulling: Be mindful when touching your eyes or applying eye makeup to minimize any potential damage.
A woman gently drying her eyes and lashes

Pro Tips to Avoid Common Water Interactions

  • Stay Out of the Kitchen: Heat and steam from the kitchen can melt the bonds of the lashes, causing them to lose shape.
  • Avoid Crying: The moisture from tears can wash away the chemical solution set on the lashes, preventing them from developing properly.
  • No Shower for 24 Hours: Shower steam and water droplets in the air can impact your lash lift, even if you try to keep your face dry. Showering before your lash lift appointment is advisable to avoid this issue.
  • Refrain from Swimming: Wearing protective eyewear while swimming might seem like a solution, but expecting your lash lift to remain unaffected is unrealistic, so avoid swimming for the first two days after your lift.
  • Nourish with Lash Oils: Regularly apply oils like castor or coconut to maintain lash health.

Following these guidelines will help you achieve a perfect lash lift without overlifting.

Final Thoughts

In summary, it's not a disaster if your lash lift gets wet within the first 24 hours. Follow our fixing steps and avoid moisture as much as possible. Proper care and the right products from Luxe Cosmetics will ensure your lash lift stays beautiful and lasts longer.

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