11 Reasons Your Lash Lift Didn’t Work

By Rabbiya Rabeel
Dec 26, 2023
lash lift didn't work

It can be disappointing if lash lifts don't work out the way you expect them to.

But don't worry. In this blog, we're going to uncover the common reasons why sometimes a lash lift doesn’t work and how to fix it. 

11 Reasons Why Your Lash Lift Didn’t Work

Here are the top reasons why your lash lift might not have worked:

#1. Didn’t Assess Lashes Properly

Successful lash lift is based on tailoring the treatment to your specific lash type. Thicker lashes might need more time or a stronger solution, while fragile or thinner lashes require a gentler approach. 

Solution: Before getting a lash lift, it's important to have a professional assess the unique qualities of your lashes. 

#2. Lash Lift on Dirty Lashes

If there's leftover makeup, natural oils, or everyday grime on your lashes, these can form a barrier that prevents the lifting solution from effectively treating each lash. 

Solution: Before your appointment, gently wash your lashes with an oil-free cleanser to remove any traces of makeup or oil.

#3. Overprocessed/Damaged Lashes

Going for a lash lift on lashes that are already overprocessed or damaged can be counterproductive. Applying the lash lift solution to such lashes can worsen their condition, leading to further damage. 

Solution: Focus on lash health first. You can use nourishing serums or oils, like castor oil, to help strengthen and repair your lashes.

A young woman applying a lash growth serum to her lashes

#4. Too Much Adhesive

When there's a heavy layer of glue, it can weigh down your lashes instead of letting them lift and curl properly. This can result in lashes sticking together, creating clumps.

Solution: A thin layer is all that's needed to secure your lashes to the silicone pads. It should be just enough to hold the lashes in place without making them feel heavy.

#5. Wrong Silicone Pad Size

Each pad size creates a different curl intensity. For example, a pad that's too large may not create enough curl, while one that's too small can over-curl your lashes, making them look unnaturally bent.

Solution: A professional lash technician can help you select the ideal pad size, ensuring a more flattering and effective lash lift.

#6. Insufficient Lash-Lifting Lotion

The lotion is responsible for softening the lashes and reshaping them into the desired curl. If the amount applied is too little, the lotion may not sufficiently penetrate and process the lashes, resulting in a lift that is either very subtle or non-existent.

Solution: The lotion should cover the lashes evenly but not be so excessive that it leads to over-saturation or seepage into the eyes.

#7. Expired Products

Over time, the active ingredients in these products can lose their effectiveness. This means they won't work as well in altering the structure of your lashes to achieve the desired lift. Expired products can increase the risk of irritation or allergic reactions.

Solution: Always check the expiration dates on all lash lift products before using them. This includes solutions, adhesives, and any other associated products.

#8. Poor Quality Products

Low-quality products may not have the same efficiency in reshaping and lifting the lashes as higher-quality options. This can result in a lift that is uneven, doesn't last, or doesn't meet your expectations. Additionally, cheaper or lower-quality products can be harmful, especially for sensitive eyes.

Solution: Invest in high-quality lash lift products for both the success of the lift and the health of your lashes. Whether you're visiting a salon or using a home kit, make sure the products used are from reputable brands.

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#9. Underprocessing

This happens when the solutions aren't left on the lashes for enough time. Each step in a lash lift, from applying the lifting solution to the setting solution, has a specific processing time that's crucial for reshaping the lashes effectively.

Solution: To avoid underprocessing, it's essential to adhere strictly to the recommended processing times for each solution used during the lash lift. These timings are carefully calculated for each lash type to ensure the best results without damaging the lashes.

#10. Incorrect Placement of Silicone Pad

If the pad is not positioned correctly, it can lead to an inadequate lift. The pad acts as a mold for the lashes; if it's placed too far from the lash line or unevenly, the lashes may not curl properly or could end up with an unnatural bend.

Solution: The pad should sit right at the base of the lashes to ensure an even and natural-looking curl.

#11. Incorrect Lash Lift Technique

The success of a lash lift largely depends on the precise execution of each step in the process, from preparing the lashes to applying and removing the solutions.

This could involve incorrectly applying the solutions, not following the steps in the right order, or not tailoring the technique to suit your specific lash type.

Solution: It’s often best to have your lash lift performed by a professional lash technician. If you choose to do a lash lift at home, thoroughly research the process and follow the instructions of your lash lift kit meticulously.


Achieving the perfect lash lift is all about understanding and navigating various key factors. Remember, rushed procedures, incorrect product application, and using expired or low-quality products are common pitfalls to avoid.

For anyone wanting great results with their lash lifts, the Luxe Lashlift Kit from Luxe Cosmetics is a fantastic choice. Its user-friendly approach and quality ingredients cater to all these critical points, making it perfect for getting that professional lash look right at home.

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