Why Is My Lash Lift Too Lifted? Reasons and Solutions

By Josef Mohamed
Dec 15, 2023
lash lift too lifted

Have you ever experienced your lashes crossing the line from elegantly curled to overly dramatic? We're here to help.

This article clarifies the difference between just right and too much lift, addresses why this happens, and provides practical solutions to fix and prevent overlifted lashes.

The Difference Between "Too Curly" and "Too Lifted"

Regarding lash lifts, two common issues are lashes that turn out "too curly" or "too lifted." Here's a quick rundown of what sets them apart:

Too Curly Lashes:

  • This happens when a curling rod too is too small for your lashes, resulting in an excessively tight curl. In this case your lash health isn't affected.

Too Lifted Lashes:

  • If the curling chemicals are left on longer than necessary, they can overprocess the lashes, potentially damaging them.
A lash lift technician preparing products and tools for a lash lift treatment

The Reasons that May Lead to Overlifted Lashes

Overlifted lashes can affect the beauty and health of your lashes. Let's explore the key factors that contribute to this issue.

Using the Wrong Curling Rod

  • Problem: Lashes are glued upwards on a small rod, resulting in excessively lifted and shorter looking lashes.
  • Solution: Make sure to choose the correct rod size after consulting with your technician. 

Using Heavy Chemicals

  • Problem: Harsh chemicals can over-process the lashes, making them overly lifted.
  • Solution: Choose milder solutions and ensure they suit your lash type.

Leaving Curling Solution on for Too Long

  • Problem: Overexposure to the curling solution can lead to overlifting.
  • Solution: Follow recommended time guidelines based on lash thickness and desired curl intensity.

Placing Shield Incorrectly

  • Problem: An incorrectly positioned shield can affect the lift angle and intensity.
  • Solution: Ensure precise placement for an even, natural-looking lift.

Forgetting to Wash Lash Lift Solution

  • Problem: Not thoroughly washing off the solution can lead to continued processing and overlifting.
  • Solution: Always wash the solution off entirely as per the specified timing.

How to Fix Overlifted Lashes

Redo the Lift with Your Technician

While you are still at the salon, discuss a quick correction with your technician. However, if your lashes are delicate, waiting 6-8 weeks before attempting another treatment is safer.

Use Oils to Relax the Lashes

Natural oils like castor or coconut can help relax overcurled lashes. Apply these oils gently to the lashes, avoiding the roots to prevent eye irritation. Regular application, including an overnight mask, can gradually bring your lashes to a more natural curl.

Try a Keratin Lash Lift

A Keratin lash lift can be an excellent alternative for lashes that are too lifted. A solution infused with Keratin, reshapes your lashes without further overprocessing. It's a safe option even after a chemical lash lift.

Wait for Natural Regrowth

The simplest solution might be to wait for your lashes to regrow naturally. The overly lifted effect generally relaxes within 3 weeks, and by 6-8 weeks, new lash growth usually replaces the lifted lashes, resolving the issue without additional interaction.

A young woman carefully applying a lash care oil to her lashes

How to Avoid Overlifting

Preventing a lash lift from becoming too lifted or overprocessed requires careful attention to detail. Here are some essential tips:

  • Select the Correct Rod Size: Match the rod size to your lash length for a balanced lift.
  • Control Chemical Application: Use the perming solution sparingly and don't exceed the recommended processing time.
  • Accurate Shield Placement: Place shields correctly to ensure even curling.
  • Timely Solution Removal: Remove lifting solutions per the specified time.
  • Nourish with Lash Oils: Regularly apply oils like castor or coconut to maintain lash health.
  • Seek Professional Services: Opt for a licensed lash technician to minimize risks.

Following these guidelines will help you achieve a perfect lash lift without overlifting.

Too Lifted Lash Lift : Real Experiences

In these examples you will see how unnatural overlifted lashes look.

lash lift too lifted example 1

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lash lift too lifted example 2

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lash lift too lifted example 3

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In summary, understanding and preventing lash lifts that are too lifted is vital to achieving the perfect curl.

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