How to Fix Overprocessed Lash Lifting: Tips and Solutions

By Josef Mohamed
Dec 27, 2023
over processed bad lash lifting

If you've experienced overprocessed bad lash lifting, you're not alone. This article will explain the essentials: what leads to overprocessing, how to fix damaged lashes, and crucial tips to prevent this in future lash lifts.

What Causes Overprocessed Lash Lifting

Overprocessed lash lifting occurs mainly due to two factors:

  • Excessive Chemical Exposure: Leaving lash lift chemicals on for too long is a common mistake. This can make lashes dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.
  • Inappropriate Product Strength: Using chemicals that are too strong for your lashes can lead to damage, regardless of the application time.

Signs of Overprocessed Lashes:

  • Brittleness and Dryness: Lashes feel dry and break easily.
  • Altered Appearance: Loss of natural curl or an unnaturally curly look.
  • Texture Changes: Lashes may appear frizzier or more irregular than usual.

Remember, the key to avoiding overprocessing is careful timing and using quality products suited to your lash type.


How to Fix Overprocessed Eyelashes

Dealing with overprocessed bad lash lifting can be challenging, but you can restore your lashes to their former glory with the proper steps. Here are practical tips to help repair the damage:

#1. Apply Lash Conditioner

After an overprocessed bad lash lifting, apply a lash conditioner. Lash are conditioners enriched with biotin, keratin, and vitamins nourish and strengthen weakened lashes. They restore moisture, improving elasticity and preventing further breakage.

Regular use of these conditioners, especially those designed for post-lash lift care, helps repair and protect your lashes, ensuring they regain their natural health and resilience.

#2. Using Perm Solution

A perm solution can be a delicate but effective method to fix overprocessed lashes. Here's how:

  • Preparation: Place a cotton pad under your upper lashes. Use special tape to protect your eyes, or keep them tightly closed.
  • Application: Dip a clean spoolie (mascara wand) into the perm solution. Ensure it's moderately saturated to avoid dripping.
  • Brushing Technique: Brush the lashes from root to tip, vertically downward. Do this gently for about a minute, ensuring even coverage.
  • Timing is Key: Leave the solution on for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on how much correction is needed. Never exceed 6 minutes to avoid further damage.
  • Finishing Up: Once you achieve the desired straightening, cleanse your lashes thoroughly to remove all traces of the perm solution.

This method slightly straightens over-curled lashes, restoring a more natural appearance.

#3. Waiting till New Lashes Grow

The most straightforward solution for over-processed lashes is to wait for them to fall out and be replaced by new growth naturally. This process usually takes several weeks.

During this time, avoid additional lash treatments to allow full recovery. You can use mascara but nourish your lashes with conditioners to support healthy growth. 

#4. Getting Lash Lift Correction

A lash lift correction is a quick solution for over-processed lashes. In this procedure a skilled technician applies a gentle solution to lift and curl the lashes. It's an effective way to restore your lashes' natural appearance and health quickly.


How to Avoid Overprocessing During Lash Lifting

To ensure your lashes stay healthy and look their best during a lash lift follow these essential tips:

Find a Skilled Technician:

Look for someone with a strong track record and training in lash lifting. Check their reviews and ask for references.

Educate yourself with reliable resources if you're considering a lash lift at home. Luxe-cosmetics offers comprehensive guidance and expert tips to help you safely perform a lash lift at home.

Use High-Quality Products:

Make sure that your salon uses top-quality products for lash lifting. These products are gentler and reduce the risk of over-processing. For home treatments, it's equally essential to use high-grade lash lift kits..

Follow Aftercare Instructions:

Proper aftercare is essential. This includes avoiding water or steam for a specified period, not applying mascara immediately after the treatment, and keeping your eyes free from rubbing. Following these guidelines helps maintain your lash lift and prevents damage.

How to Process Eyelash Correctly

Correct eyelash processing for a lash lift depends on the individual's lash type. Thicker, denser lashes generally need more extended processing, while thinner, sparser lashes require shorter times.

Evaluate the lash characteristics by observing and understanding the client's hair curling history. Shorter processing times are recommended for delicate lashes, such as a 3-5 minute lift. Average lashes often take 6-7 minutes.

Extended 7-10 minutes are suitable for thick, stubborn lashes. Tailoring the time to the lash type ensures effective and safe results.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, achieving a successful lash lift involves understanding and adapting to different lash types, using high-quality products, and applying correct processing times.

Luxe Cosmetics offers a range of premium lash-lifting products tailored to meet these needs. Our collection ensures that whether you're a professional or doing it at home, you get the best results while maintaining lash health.

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